Our concept

In a coffee shop, no "Hello, is that for eating? No ? Ah, come back in 2 hours". Understandable but unbearable refrain from a brasserie or restaurant, classic at lunchtime. Long live the flexibility of coffee shops that don't impose a drinking schedule! A varied, quality and simple offer for a quick A la carte service.

Our customers reviews

★★★★★ Super cosy café with friendly staff and delicious drinks. The interior is very inviting. I went for a Bleu latte (from Butterfly Pea flower). Had good chats with other customers. Recommend the place highly! - Chloé S.

★★★★★ We had Tiramisu Cake, a Cappuccino and a flat white. All of them were delicious! I saw good comments about the coffee but still wanted to try for myself and yes, I can confirm, it is great coffee! - Julio C.

★★★★★ Great location, delicious coffee and brunch and lovely staff. Highly recommended! - Annarita C.